Middle East 2020: fragility and opportunities

2019 has been a year in which  the Middle East experienced much chaos. The region remains drowned into a multiplicity of international and internal, sectarian and economic conflicts while its populations more and more loudly demand better governance, economic (including employment) prospects, and the end of foreign interventions, including from Iran and other countries in... Continue Reading →

Liban, Irak, Un nouveau front pour Teheran

Les récents soulèvements au Liban et en Irak constituent une évolution importante dans une région déjà troublée et politiquement fragile. Bien qu’un nouvel ordre géopolitique soit en train d’émerger, bon nombre des problèmes de la région perdurent et notamment les relations difficiles entre les États et leurs citoyens. Cette tension sous-jacente, connue sous le nom... Continue Reading →

Iran faces a new front: Lebanon and Iraq uprisings

The recent uprisings in Lebanon and Iraq are an important development in an already troubled and politically fragile region. Although a new geopolitical order is emerging, many of the region’s legacy problems endure and most notably, the uneasy relationship between states and their citizens. This underlying tension, known as ‘the Arab Simmer’ which triggered the... Continue Reading →


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