Iran faces a new front: Lebanon and Iraq uprisings

The recent uprisings in Lebanon and Iraq are an important development in an already troubled and politically fragile region. Although a new geopolitical order is emerging, many of the region’s legacy problems endure and most notably, the uneasy relationship between states and their citizens. This underlying tension, known as ‘the Arab Simmer’ which triggered the... Continue Reading →

Erbil to Baghdad – Iraq under rubble

The official proclamation of the defeat of the Islamic State (ISIS) was loudly celebrated throughout Iraq and in western countries but a place untouched by such optimism is Mosul and its surrounding cities, which are now mountains of post-war rubble. Despite the celebrations following the so called liberation of ISIS controlled areas and international community... Continue Reading →

Quelles perspectives pour l’humanitaire en Irak post-Etat islamique ?

Certaines zones du pays, qui n’a pas totalement réduit à néant l’EI, sont aujourd’hui délaissées par l’aide internationale. La version francaise de mon article sur l'Etat Islamique en Iraq et l'impact pour les organisations humanitaire, publie par ici: Le 6 février dernier, le président américain, Donald Trump, s’est adressé aux représentants de la... Continue Reading →

What’s Next in the Middle East in 2019

• ISIS, which is loosing its last stronghold in Syria, probably realizes that controlling new territory is not sustainable in the short term. ISIS will seek to exploit Sunni grievances, societal instability, and stretched security forces to regain territory in Iraq and Syria in the long term. At some point, ISIS will likely resume external... Continue Reading →

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